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Peter Weishar 
Dean of Film, Digital Media and Performing Arts
Savannah College of Art and Design

Illuminated Pixels is an excellent resource for artists who wish to learn about the practical and aesthetic principles of CG lighting. Professor Wissler writes in a clear and conversational style that is very useful for novices and veterans alike.
There are numerous excellent illustrations in the book that serve to break down compositing and rendering procedures into simple and straightforward steps. Perhaps the book shines the most when Virginia Wissler explains the “why” as well as the “how” to the reader. Effects such as global illumination and processes such as multi-layer rendering have become de-facto production techniques for major studios. Wissler clearly lays out the aesthetic advantages (and disadvantages) ofthese and other techniques so an individual user can determine the best methodology for their own work.
A good deal of Illuminated Pixels deals with describing and explaining the attributed of practical lighting as they are applied to CG image making. The understanding of space, composition, volume, light, and shadow in the physical world is crucial to a CG artist looking to achieve the illusion of photo-realism. This book sets the stage and consistently refers back to “real” lighting situations when explaining CG techniques. It is that understanding and reference to practical lighting that make this book such a valuable tool for those learning CG.
Illuminated Pixels is a book that should be published. Educators will find it to be a useful reference tool for their students and individual artists entering the field will gain a great deal of knowledge and understanding from this text. I highly recommend this book.

Rob Bredow
Chief Technology Officer
Sony Imageworks

Practical and experienced, Illuminated Pixels covers digital lighting with detail and care. From shadow maps to global illumination, Virginia understands lighting from the perspective of a feature film technical director and teaches both the concepts and techniques behind the art.

MacDuff Knox
Senior Technical Director

If you buy any one book to help you understand what goes on behind the scenes in a professional studio when lighting animation and visual effects, don't hesitate to buy Illuminated Pixels. It is the most complete and accurate book on the subject I have seen, and I wish it had been around when I started.

Mike Ford
CG Supervisor
Sony Imageworks

Whether you are just starting out or you a seasoned industry veteran, Illuminated Pixels provides much more than just a step by step software tutorial. This book gives you a technical and creative foundation to develop your skills and expand your knowledge base as a digital lighter.