Deleted Sections

Like so many other things, making a book is part art, part business. After writing the book my publisher let me know that the book costs them by the page to make, and I had written too much. Some material had to be cut from the book to reduce the page count (yes it was even bigger). For this reason, a few sections didn't make it into the book. These sections are topics which are related to lighting and which are good to know, but aren't on the topic of digital lighting directly. Since they were already written, I thought some people might be interested in seeing them here.

Disclaimer: These chapters are presented for educational purposes only. All images are copyright their respective copyright holders. Many of these sections have not had a final edit.

Compositional Principles and Color Theory - Originally the book began with a chapter covering artistic principles in which every visual artist should be well versed. Those with training in fine arts or graphic arts will have had these topics covered; they are ones you would find in a 2D design class and a color theory class. This chapter was later cut from the book, after it had been completely written and mostly edited. Some portions were moved to later chapters - the elements of composition can be found in Chapter 5, "Goal 3: Directing the Eye," while a few of the terms describing color can be found in Chapter 12, "Light Color." Here you will find the deleted material covering compositional principles and color theory. Every lighter should have a solid grasp of color theory. If you have not had one yet, I recommend taking a course in it, as well as a good painting class.

Camera Continuity - many rules govern the continuity of camera editing. These rules collectively make up what is known as "The Continuity Style" mentioned briefly in Chapter 7, "Goals 7-10: Providing Cohesiveness and Visual Interest". Here is a deleted section explaining the Continuity Style in greater detail.

Several sections were deleted from Chapter 13, "Camera Essentials". The next three sections were all removed from this chapter.

Camera Work - basic camera moves, as well as framings and positions.

Artifacts of Real Film - Footage captured on a live set (as opposed to digital renders) commonly have artifacts. Many times these artifacts are imited in our digital renders and composites. For this reason, it is important to understand the artifacts common to real film. This section was cut from the book in order to reduce the page count (the "business" part of writing a book) but my plan is to add it back in a second edition. For now, this information can be found here.

Aspect Ratios - A bit more detail on some common aspect ratios.