I am passionate about creating imagery which tells a story through color, light, and mood.

While technical mastery is a must to create CG imagery, my motto is "the technical is always a servant to the artistic."

The computer is only a tool. It is the human vision that drives the tools.



Virginia Bowman Wissler

... began her career at Square (gaming company which created the well-known Final Fantasy series), and continued at Sony Pictures Imageworks, first as a Technical Director, and later as Lead Technical Director and Digital Instructor. Her experiences on such blockbuster films as Stuart Little, Hollow Man, Cast Away, Matrix Reloaded, and 2012, have given her years of hands-on experience making the highest quality 3D imagery, working with and learning from the best in the industry. While as a trainer she developed her skills at writing course content and presenting information in a clear, well organized, and interesting manner. She trained artists on films such as Polar Express, Monster House, Superman Returns, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Academy Award-winning Spiderman II.
While as a Digital Instructor teaching industry professionals, she began to notice a shortage of good educational material on the subject of digital lighting. She began a series of classes called Lighting Concepts. First presented at Sony, the classes were well-received, each session packed with industry professionals. These classes were later adapted for presentation at universities, and became the genesis of the book ILLUMINATED PIXELS.
During the last years, Virginia has worked as a Professor of Visual Effects at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Mrs. Wissler includes many of the concepts found in ILLUMINATED PIXELS as part of the courses she teaches at SCAD.

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What inspires me the most about teaching is helping others to achieve their goals.

My career has been made possible by the time and aid given to me by many people along my path.

Teaching is my way of "paying forward" my debt of gratitude.