Welcome is the companion website to the book Illuminated Pixels: The Why, What, and How of Digital Lighting, a comprehensive and non-software-specific book about digital lighting.

This site has additional material not released with the book such as example project files and deleted sections, found in "Bonus Material". The "Lighting Forum" has Q and A, work-in-progress, tutorials, lighting challenges, and interviews.

This site, the forum, and the blog will be evolving so be sure to check back often for new additions and updates.


~ Virginia Bowman Wissler


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General Information:

Illuminated Pixels comes as a soft backed book, 500 pages in length, and as an ebook. It is available in bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, and can be ordered online through Amazon and even Walmart (yes, Walmart). Being rather sentimental, I encourage you to support purchasing books from your local bookstore. Perhaps even browse a few other books and order a cappuccino while you are there.

Educators may request a copy of the book for evaluation from the publisher, Cengage Learning, here.

At the present time a few sites selling the book have outdated or incorrect information. My apologies - the publisher has been notified and is correcting the matter. In particular, some websites state the book comes with a companion CD or DVD, but it in fact does not. Initially the book was to come with a CD, which is where this information came from, but all material which was to go on the CD is to be found here, on the companion website, instead.